Local Market Domination

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Local businesses are intimidated

Local businesses are often intimidated by search engine optimization (SEO) because it feels like a marketing activity that only large companies (with unlimited budgets and staff) dominate. However, SEO is actually an easy marketing activity for local businesses to capitalize on if they can do a few tasks consistently. Make sure you are categorized as a local business.

Before you can start optimizing for search, you need find out how your business presents on search. If you are an online business but work in an area you aren’t qualified as a local business. However, if you have a storefront or service a particular local area, you are classified as a local business.

Keep things consistent

Every place you promote your business, should have the same consistent information. You’ll want to always share your NAP (name, address and phone number) with the same exact information and the same style unless otherwise dictated.

Any online space you have a presence on — from your own website and social profiles to directories and maps — should have the same information. Being consistent will reinforce your brand image in the online world. Keep in mind that it is a two-against-one mentality: the more places your NAP is listed the same, the stronger your search results will be.

Claim listings

By claiming your listings, you are spreading your business all over the web with stronger numbers. Your NAP should be listed on a plethora of local directories in order to help search engines and customers find you quickly and easily.

A good place to start are with the five best local directories; once you have updated your business information in all those directories, you can move on to industry specific directories.

Include keywords on social media

Keywords are often the most confusing thing about SEO – even for seasoned SEO strategists. While being listed in many places makes sense from a numbers perspective, keywords are a bit more qualitative than quantitative.

A good rule of thumb about which keywords to choose and use frequently across social sites and content, which we’ll get to next are simply detailed descriptors of your business.

Invest in quality content

Using keywords on social media will boost your ranking on social, but if you aren’t regularly posting content, you are defeating the purpose for visitors who wish to learn more about your services and or product offering.

Content is vital information that helps bring in your audience in a way advertisements and traditional marketing methods can’t, while also strengthening your business image online.

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